Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SPLAY STOOL Series (model making process)

series of model making process. The construction of the stool prototyping by the designer.


The proposed material for the real manufacturing and production process of Splay Stool is Polypropylene Plastic that can recycle and also can come in various color. The plastic stool also easy to maintained and clean. however,for the prototyping process by the designer, the stool use different material because of sources limitation. however, its can be considered as another alternative material for this stool or other design of splay stool concept furniture such as table or storage. below is the process to mkae the prototype.

Pine wood, Upholstery, Synthetic Cover and double

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SPLAY STOOL Series (Detailing and packaging)

This post will review on the technical side of the SPLAY STOOL. This will give the information about the stool technical information and how the assembly instruction of the stool. This information will be useful to the customer to understand the stool itself. The stool comes in flat pack packaging.
However, the customer can assemble the stool WITHOUT ANY TOOLS!!!!
this is because the design itself is easy to assemble and FUN!


below is the technical drawing of the stool that will expose the dimension and detailing of the stool.

The dimension according to a standard size based on anthropometric data of children.


The detailing technical and dimension of each parts of the stool.

Hollow Base

LOwer Foot Stand

Middle foot stand

Lower Based


The stool comes in a flat pack packaging. this user manual show how to assemble the stool itself and its so easy without using any tools and equipment. The legs of the stool assemble with bare hand.The customer just have to install its by rotate to the slot such as below.

SPLAY STOOL Series (3D Visualisation & Graphic)

SPLAY STOOL final design that has been selected have been visualize by the designer with 3d modelling. its important as a reference for the final design appearance and also to a prototyping process. this is the concept of SPLAY STOOL generate by 3d max.

structure of stool without cover

without cover and parts of upholstery as seater

Day Mode of splay. This is one of the day mode cover available.

Another view of the stool

Night Mode of splay stool. One of the night mode cover that available. Its show the Malaysian scenery.

alternate view.
The 3d rendering of this product give an idea of the exact properties of the final product.


The cover of the stool available with dual mode driven by the concept of night and Day furniture define by the designer. below is the cover that available and the designer also accept the custom made cover for the SPLAY STOOL series of furniture.

Special Cover : Draw your STool!!!

The graphic cover type also vary.  The design also offer the special type cover that allow kids to draw and paint the white space on the cover. yes! they can draw their SPLAY STOOL..as expected on Playful Design furniture.


cover 01 : scenery at rural area at Malaysia 'kampung' with kids playing.

cover 02 : this is special type cover with black and white spot to paint by the children with.scenery kids playing at house yard.

Cover D03: Kids playing at park under smiling sunshine

Cover D04 : Kids playing at flower garden

COver D05 : Special cover with white spot to kids to paint with scenery at family Farm.

Night Mode Cover

Cover N01: night scene with moon transition

cover N02 : Night scene at city with smiling moon

cover N03 : Night scene at the Family Farm
Cover N04 : Night Scene at KL

Cover N05 : night scene with moon transition (special cover allow kids to paint)

Some of the cover come in pair.
The customer also can use same graphic but in different mode according to request.
its very flexibel and also can be customized.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Splay stool design process started with the design brief and brainstorming on the concept. after the theme has been selected by the designer,which is CHILDREN FURNITURE, the research have been conducted. the research on children preferences and behaviour have been done on several kindergarten. One of the primary data gathered from private kindergarten. the observation on target user which is preschool children also gained important data of children behaviour,preferences and others.
children explorative behaviour

Children Preference Activities

Children social interactivity

The interview with several expert also suggest the potential of furniture design is important to help children development.The data also gathered from interview with kindergarten owner, Pn Zaiyan and she discuss with the designer about the concept of 'day and night' furniture to enhance children creativity.
 the research conclude,:

Children Development influence by their environment
 : they can learn through object as parts of environemnt ( etc Furniture)
: Interaction through environment as ecperiences,children learn from experience
 : many scholar advocated play as effective learning methods.

the project conclusion is>>>>>

PHILOSOPHY : Playful Design

THEME : Children Furniture

CONCEPT : Day and Night Furniture

the concept developed by the designer that explore through the SPLAY STOOL design. its also can be expand to other theme/type of furniture such as storage,table and others.


 The ideation stages is the exploration on the design through the concept of day and night furniture. The target is to use a basic form and explore the mechanism and design that appropriate to relate with the concept and philosophy. The basic form can be developed to other styling shape after the mechanism have been decide.
At the end, the designer decide to blend the concpet of night and day through visual perception of the graphic cover of the stool. The stool can come with Dual mode,night and day mode. The children can play the stool to change the mode of the stool.

Pivotal rotation Mechanism

Roller Cover


Flip System



 The final idea that have been synthesize to the next level of idea development is below. Its use a cover that can be wrap and unwrapped.

The next step for the process of design this SPLAY stool is Finalsing the idea development through 3D drawing and detailing.

SPLAY STOOL Series (Concept)

Splay Stool (2011)

 splay [sple…™]
1. spread out; broad and flat
2. turned outwards in an awkward manner
1. to spread out; turn out or expand
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Veterinary Science) (tr) Vet science to dislocate (a joint)
1. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) a surface of a wall that forms an oblique angle to the main flat surfaces, esp at a doorway or window opening
2. enlargement
[short for display]

This is on going project on children furniture. I come out with a new concept of Day and night furniture that try to stimulate the creativity and emotion of children in furniture design. Its covers with a flexible cloth around the stool with a starp (velcro). the cover comes with day and night images in both different side. children can flip the cover to get a night or day mood. it can attract them to play with furniture. 

Playful design concept for Malaysian Preschool
 Children Stool”
the aims and objective of the project is:

To study the concept of furniture that enhance children creativity.


To fully utilize the furniture design as a educational tools to increase children motor/physical when learning.

promoting design and creativity at early ages for the children

to increase awareness of children furniture design potential  towards children growth among consumer and manufacturer.

come out with design concept that can be applied with various type of children furniture.

my design philosophy : What kind of designer am i?

 Shahrul Anuwar MY,

i am Malaysian Industrial Designer. This is a platform to share my design works and masterpiece to the world.  as a designer, we should be believe on what we do and enjoy designing to the fullest.

 "I describe my self as an emotional designer eager to express through design, design should generate emotions to people and also meets end user prefrences. I advocate sincerity to the design. i also believe, a successful industrial designer should  be not only practical and sophisticated, but playful and visually appealing"

sincere design is Fun Design :)

My Design for the world: ShahrulMy Design Studio


To originate the design,we have to blend the form and fuction...
how?...observe thoroughly our environment and design sincerely from your heart.
at the end..our design..its not all about us...its also about how we contribute to others.
and for me...yeah..designer should be eccentric in good ways...its impulse the creativity beyond the norm..
and the result of creativity..tangible product.....its superb satisfaction...ignite the joy!!
 what is the best part of happines???
its when we share with other......
thus,,the design is the JOY of us..as designer..to share to the world..lets spread the joyful of design :P