Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SPLAY STOOL Series (3D Visualisation & Graphic)

SPLAY STOOL final design that has been selected have been visualize by the designer with 3d modelling. its important as a reference for the final design appearance and also to a prototyping process. this is the concept of SPLAY STOOL generate by 3d max.

structure of stool without cover

without cover and parts of upholstery as seater

Day Mode of splay. This is one of the day mode cover available.

Another view of the stool

Night Mode of splay stool. One of the night mode cover that available. Its show the Malaysian scenery.

alternate view.
The 3d rendering of this product give an idea of the exact properties of the final product.


The cover of the stool available with dual mode driven by the concept of night and Day furniture define by the designer. below is the cover that available and the designer also accept the custom made cover for the SPLAY STOOL series of furniture.

Special Cover : Draw your STool!!!

The graphic cover type also vary.  The design also offer the special type cover that allow kids to draw and paint the white space on the cover. yes! they can draw their SPLAY expected on Playful Design furniture.


cover 01 : scenery at rural area at Malaysia 'kampung' with kids playing.

cover 02 : this is special type cover with black and white spot to paint by the children with.scenery kids playing at house yard.

Cover D03: Kids playing at park under smiling sunshine

Cover D04 : Kids playing at flower garden

COver D05 : Special cover with white spot to kids to paint with scenery at family Farm.

Night Mode Cover

Cover N01: night scene with moon transition

cover N02 : Night scene at city with smiling moon

cover N03 : Night scene at the Family Farm
Cover N04 : Night Scene at KL

Cover N05 : night scene with moon transition (special cover allow kids to paint)

Some of the cover come in pair.
The customer also can use same graphic but in different mode according to request.
its very flexibel and also can be customized.

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