Saturday, April 23, 2011

SPLAY STOOL Series (Concept)

Splay Stool (2011)

 splay [spleɪ]
1. spread out; broad and flat
2. turned outwards in an awkward manner
1. to spread out; turn out or expand
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Veterinary Science) (tr) Vet science to dislocate (a joint)
1. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) a surface of a wall that forms an oblique angle to the main flat surfaces, esp at a doorway or window opening
2. enlargement
[short for display]

This is on going project on children furniture. I come out with a new concept of Day and night furniture that try to stimulate the creativity and emotion of children in furniture design. Its covers with a flexible cloth around the stool with a starp (velcro). the cover comes with day and night images in both different side. children can flip the cover to get a night or day mood. it can attract them to play with furniture. 

Playful design concept for Malaysian Preschool
 Children Stool”
the aims and objective of the project is:

To study the concept of furniture that enhance children creativity.


To fully utilize the furniture design as a educational tools to increase children motor/physical when learning.

promoting design and creativity at early ages for the children

to increase awareness of children furniture design potential  towards children growth among consumer and manufacturer.

come out with design concept that can be applied with various type of children furniture.

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